South African Society of Music Teachers (SASMT) Bursaries Applications

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About South African Society of Music Teachers (SASMT)

The South African Society of Music Teachers (SASMT) was formed in 1918 in Cape Town and is the oldest professional music society in South Africa. Its foundation has served music educators at Universities, Colleges, Schools, Music Centres as well as in Private practice. In October 1922, its first Annual General Council Meeting was held.

In 1931, SASMT has created its seven local branches called Centres with 169 members. The society has grown over the years and currently, it has more than 800 members, 8 ordinary centres and 33 institutional centres.

South African Society of Music Teachers (SASMT) Bursaries 2021

The SASMT offers the following bursaries and scholarships for music study in South Africa:

  1. David Reunert Bursary (R1500) – Granted to principal subject such as singing or any performing arts as well as teaching or theoretical branch of music.
  2. Ellie Marx Memorial Scholarship for String Instruments (R5000) – Aims to promote and encourage hopeful students in the study of stringed instruments, specifically the violin.
  3. Gladwell Scholarship (R12000) / Kathleen Irish Scholarship (R12000) – This is for local or international music study at an institution accredited by the Council of the SASMT. The amount will be paid out in two installments, where the second installment will be dependent on the student’s academic results.

Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

David Reunert Bursary (R1500)

  • Students intending to take up music professionally, either as teacher or performer
  • Between 18 and 25 years old
  • In possession of a National Senior Certificate or its equivalent, a copy of which must be submitted with this application
  • Students of current and paid-up members of the SASMT
  • Citizen of the Republic of South Africa

Ellie Marx Memorial Scholarship for String Instruments (R5000)

  • South African citizen for local or international music study
  • Students of current and paid-up members of the SASMT

Gladwell Scholarship (R12000)

  • South African citizen for the study of serious music, either instrumental, vocal or composition
  • Grade 8 standard of any the music examining bodies or of a higher standard
  • Maximum age of 25 years
  • Students of current and paid-up members of the SASMT

Kathleen Irish Scholarship (R12000)

  • Financially needy, but deserving music pupils wishing to study piano at tertiary level
  • Students of current and paid-up members of the SASMT

How to Apply and Application Details

  1. Download and complete the .
  2. Include certified copies of the following documents together with the completed entry form:
    • Applicant’s South African ID
    • Full academic record
    • Recommendations by two referees, one must be from the head of the department/institution where the applicant is or has been studying
    • Short curriculum vitae
    • Recent unedited DVD which consists of the unedited performance with at least 3 contrasting works from minimum 2 style periods with a total duration of 15–20 minutes. Put the different items on separate tracks. The name and instrument of the candidate must be indicated on the DVD but should not be included in the recording. The quality of the recording could affect the result. Recordings will not be returned after the final decision.
    • Declaration by the teacher that the DVD is of the applicant’s own performance
    • A digital photo which measures 500 px in height
  3. Applications must reach the Executive Officer at the following address:

Selected applicants must be prepared to give a performance at the next SASMT Annual General Meeting.

Opening & Closing Date

 9 October Annually

Contact Details

Elma Britz
Post: P O Box 452 Kenton-on-Sea 6191
Cell: 082 673 0532

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