Canon Collins Thekgo Bursary Applications

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About Canon Collins

Canon Collins Trust was founded in 1981 and since then became a community of researches and activists to create change and social impact. The trust was established by Canon John Collins, who was best known for social movements such as Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Christian Action and the British Anti Apartheid Movement, through his British Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa. Canon Collins Trust focuses on education and human rights to empower individuals in southern African society.

Canon Collins Thekgo Bursaries

The Canon Collins Thekgo Fund was established by a group of professionals with the objective of promoting access to higher education. The bursary scheme pays for the initial registration fee for successful applicants to allow them to enroll at tertiary institutions. The programme also helps students access alternative funding support.

The value of the bursary offered is R6,000 in the following fields of study:

  • Media Studies
  • Languages and Literature
  • Gender Studies
  • Arts (Drama or Performance Studies, Digital Arts, Visual Arts or Fine Arts, Film and Television Studies, History of Art, Music, and so on)
  • Education

These bursaries in 2021 will go to students who have completed their undergraduate studies and who have already missed at least 1 graduation or those who didn’t receive their degrees because of an outstanding debt of up to R6,000 with any of the South African public universities.

For more information about the Thekgo bursary, checkout the bursary .

Canon Collins Thekgo Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

To qualify for the bursary, applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Must be a national of any country in Africa or have refugee status
  • Must have completed their undergraduate studies (3 or 4-year Honours or Bachelor degree) in a degree programme within the focus disciplines of Thekgo’s listed above at any of the South African public universities
  • Must have missed 1 graduation or didn’t receive their degree due to outstanding debt
  • Must show academic merit
  • Must show financial need

How to Apply and Application Details

Download and complete the . (pdf)

Accompany the following supporting documents with your application form:

  • Certified copy of ID/passport
  • Recent university fees statement confirming outstanding debt not exceeding R6000
  • Proof of missed graduation or withheld degree certificate (provide a letter from the fees office or your Head of Department confirming this)
  • Reference letter from an academic in your department confirming strong academic record
    and completion of all courses for the degree
  • A comprehensive CV and any additional documents demonstrating a commitment to your discipline
  • Proof of financial need (3-month bank statements, affidavit, or statement of oath confirming economic difficulty. This can be done at a police station)

Applications must be submitted electronically via email to
(Insert the words “Thekgo Bursary Application – Your Full Name” in the email subject line).


  • Incomplete applications or applications with missing documents will not be considered.
  • Please do not email to ask about the outcome of your application. Successful applicants will
    be notified by 30th April 2021.
  • Successful applicants will be asked to submit a short biography and profile photo which will be presented in Canon Collins Thekgo Bursary reports

Closing Date

15 March Annually

Contact Details


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