Sassa Warns SRD Clients of a Person Impersonating the Agency

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The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has recently cautioned their SRD clients of a potential scammer. They posted on their social media platforms about individual(s) who are claiming to be a Sassa official who is calling unsuspecting beneficiaries asking them their SRD account login details.

Sassa Caution to SRD Clients

“SASSA has received high volume of calls from distraught clients who gave someone claiming to be a SASSA official their COVID-19 SRD Grant R350 log in details.” Said Sassa on their social media post.

The message continues “ The individual who is impersonating SASSA official is said to have changed cellphone numbers and banking details of unsuspecting clients to his details.”

Don’t give out your login details

The agency is calling all their clients to be vigilant of such activities. “We urge our clients to be vigilant and not share their personal details with anyone. SASSA will never ask a client for login details especially on social media.”

Sassa also requested that beneficiaries must report suspicious Facebook accounts.

Is SRD Increased to R550?

In the previous week, Sassa has also warned their beneficiaries of a R550 SRD Grant scam. They posted a screenshot of an advertisement claiming that there is a ‘newly approved R550 SRD grant’ and that only South African individuals can apply.

Sassa “Please note the below information is FAKE! The payment amount of the COVID-19 SRD Grant is R350 each month for qualifying applicants”

What the Advert Promises?

When you visit the link provided, the scammer ask you to complete an online form where you have to provide your personal details including the banking details. What’s funny is that whether you complete the online form or not, if you click ‘continue’ on that form, the next message that will be displayed will be ‘congratulations, your SRD payment will be paid to your account immediately’ followed by some questions asking you about your province, what you are going to use the money for them some random advertisements or redirecting you to another site

Question time

Have you encountered such suspicious calls or messages on your devices? What advice can you give others to avoid being scammed?

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