Where to Apply for Social Grants in South Africa

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A social grant is a form of social assistance administered by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). It is a Department of Social Development Agency responsible for among other things, management and disbursement of social grants to the beneficiaries across the country. Learn more about places to apply for social grants below.

Where to Apply for Social Grants?

The current You and Your Grants 2022/2023 Sassa booklet outlines in details places to apply for social grants in South Africa.

You may apply at Sassa Offices

You apply at the SASSA Office nearest to where you live. If you are too old or sick to travel to the office to apply for a grant, then a family member or friend can apply on your behalf; with letter from you as applicant authorizing the application. Your application form will be completed in the presence of an official from SASSA unless it was done online

 When your application is completed you will be given a receipt or reference number.

You may apply online

Applications for older person grants, child support grants or foster child grants can be done online at https://services.sassa. gov.za   Keep the receipt/reference number as it is your only proof of application.

For the SRD Grant, you may apply online at https://www.srd.sassa.gov.za or use the Sassa WhatsApp channel to apply. The amount of SRD grant is R350 per month for qualifying beneficiaries.

Payments for applications

 You do not have to pay any money to apply. If your application is not approved by SASSA, you must be informed in writing as to why your application was unsuccessful. You have the right to appeal the decision. The staff at the local office will advise on the process to follow in order to lodge an appeal.

Social Grant Amounts and Increases for 2022

Sassa Old Age Grant Increase 2022

The pension increase 2022 and war veteran grants increase 2022

The old age grant for pensioners below the age of 75 increased as indicated below.

Old Age grant increased from R1 890 to R1 985, a 5% increase.

Pension increase 2022 for pensioners above the age of 75

Old Age grant for adults above 75 years and War Veterans grant increased from R1 910 to R2 005 which is a 5% increase.

Care dependency grant increase 2022

Care Dependency grant increased from R1 890 to R1 985 which is a 5% increase.

Foster care grant

Foster Care grant increased from R1 050 to R1 070 which is a 1.9% increase.

Question time

Which grant are you receiving or planning to apply for? Do you think the amount for that grant is enough to cater for your family needs? Let us know on the comment section below and we will publish your thoughts after review.

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