Sassa SRD Declined: Alternative Income Source Identified | What this means and More

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One of the reasons why Sassa SRD applications are declines is ‘alternative income source identified’. What does alternative income source identified means?  Sassa explains what this means, find more below.

Other reasons why SRD Grant Applications are declined

There are several reasons why Sassa SRD applications are declined including not meeting the criteria set out in the rules for the SRD grant.

Meeting the criteria

For you to be approved for the SRD Grant, you have to meet certain criteria that Sassa has outlined. Find all the details on the SRD website before making your application.


Income in relation to the SRD R350 grant means, any source of income as defined in regulation 19 of the Social Assistance Regulations, 2008 and includes any form of donation or other financial support or financial assistance received by the applicant of not more than R350 as per the food poverty level threshold. However, the poverty level has increased to R624, some organisations are proposing that the threshold for the R350 grant be R624.

What happens if you are declined?

The client has the right to apply for reconsideration or appeal should they be in disagreement with the declined outcome. The client can apply for reconsideration via the SRD Website at this link   should the client wish to dispute the outcome.

Since this grant is validated monthly, the request for reconsideration must be submitted for each month that the application is declined, even if the reason for the decline and the reason for disputing this decision is the same each month.

Reasons for SRD Grant Application Decline

Reason for declineWhat it means
Alternative income source identifiedThe applicant has been employed and is indicated as contributing towards income tax
Identity verification failedThe personal information provided does not match the Department of Home Affairs details.
Existing Sassa grantThe applicant is a current recipient of a Social grant other than a child grant
Nsfas registeredThe applicant is receiving a benefit from National Student Fund Aid Scheme
Uif registeredThe applicant is eligible for UIF benefits based on TERS OR Contributions to UIF OR is currently receiving the Unemployment Insurance Fund benefit
Gov payroll registeredThe applicant is in employment in a government institution
Age outside range(>60)The applicant does not qualify for the grant due to not meeting the age requirement ( Over 60)
Suspended (Deceased Record on DHA)The client is registered as deceased on the Department of Home Affairs database
DebtorThe client was paid R350 once or more where the client did not qualify. The error was picked and the money is withheld to correct the error. Payments will resume if the client still qualifies, once all the outstanding R350s recovered.

Reasons why SRD grant applications are declined

What can I do when my application is declined?

The client can apply for reconsideration via the SRD Website at this link   should the client wish to dispute the outcome. You can appeal every month as applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. Each rejection is for that particular month, you may still appeal for the upcoming month if declined again.

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