Rejected SRD Application | Here is How to Appeal

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It is a wish for every applicant of the SRD Grant that their R350 Grant application be accepted by Sassa. But unfortunately, that may not be the case. What happens if you get rejected but you feel that you deserve the grant? We outline the steps to follow in order to appeal for your rejected SRD application.

Where to submit SRD appeals?

If you have been rejected for the SRD R350 Grant, you may lodge an appeal. Previously, appeals or application for reconsiderations were used to be sent directly to Sassa via their SRD Grant website, but now things have changed.

To appeal the SRD declined application, you have to send your appeal to the Independent Appeals Tribunal.

Rejected SRD Application | Here is How to Appeal
Rejected SRD Application | Here is How to Appeal

Step-by-step SRD Application appeal process.

Visit the Sassa appeal link:   

Step 1: Find the ‘Application for Reconsideration’ tab.

Step 2: Read the terms and conditions

Step 3: Scroll down and click on ‘Click here to lodge an appeal or check appeal status’ green bar

Step 4: Enter your ID number and cellphone number and click ‘Send Pin’

Step 5: Get the Pin and enter it on the space provided

Step 6: Choose the month you want to appeal for. The system will also show you the reason why your application was declined.

Step 7: Select appropriate reason for your appeal application. You select from a drop-down menu on your screen.

Step 8: Press ‘submit’ and the process is complete. All you need to do now is to check the appeal application status on a later stage.

When to Appeal?

It is recommended that immediately when you see your rejection status, you must lodge an appeal, preferably within 30 days of your rejection status.

When does the appeal close?

The applicants are allowed to appeal within 90 days of application rejection. Otherwise, after the 90 days period, they will not be able to lodge an appeal.

How often do I appeal?

Sassa verifies applications on a monthly basis and your status may change monthly depending on the Sassa findings. Si, if you are rejected every month, that means you have to submit your appeal every month for each month that has been rejected

Question time

Is there anyone who their SRD appeal has been approved? Let us know below and help others know how you did it.

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