SASSA Payout Dates From September 2022 to March 2023

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SASSA Payout Dates From September 2022 to March 2023

Earlier this year, Sassa has published social grants payment schedule for 2022 to 2023. The schedule shows the social grants payment dates for various grants such as disability grant, old pensioner grants and child support grant.

Sassa SRD Payments to Start Mid September

How Are Grants Paid Monthly

It was then indicated that grants payment for each month will commence on the second day of the month. If these dates fall on a weekend or public holiday, the next working day will be the payout day. It is worth nothing that Sassa does not issue payments on weekends and public holidays.

Sassa Payout Dates Arrangements Per Grant Category

The first day of payment schedule will be used to disburse Older Pensioner Grants, followed by Disability Grant then the Child Support Grant.

Sassa payout dates for 2022 to 2023

September 202202/09/202205/09/202206/09/2022
October 202203/10/202204/10/202205/10/2022
November 202202/11/202203/11/202204/11/2022
December 202201/12/202202/12/202205/12/2022
January 202303/01/202304/01/202305/01/2023
February 202302/02/202303/02/202306/02/2023
March 202302/03/202303/03/202306/03/2023

SRD Payment Dates for September 2022

To find SRD payment dates for September, log into the SRD website, check the status of your application for that month and see if there payment date displays. If the date does not display, it means that your application is still being reviewed.

How to Contact Sassa

To get in contact with Sassa you may use several options such as call centre, local offices, website, email or social media pages.

On the socials, you must be aware of the non-official Sassa pages and groups.

Here are the links to the official Sassa social media platforms:

Facebook: Sassa News Link:

Twitter: SASSA Link:

Get Next Sassa Payment Dates

If you need help with your job application, you can contact us via only WhatsApp: WhatsApp Icon +27797392586

will publish Sassa social grants payment dates for each of the upcoming months. Just subscribe to this website by to be sent to your device.

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