SRD Reapplication Failed and Parents ID are Challenges Encountered by Applicants

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The Department of Social Development indicated through a statement posted on their website that those who need assistance for the SRD Grant have to reapply. The online application system was opened on Saturday, 23 April 2022 at 12am. However many applicants indicated that they were unable to send through their applications.

SRD Application Failed Error

Commenting on one of our post , applicants indicated that they encountered an error that showed a ‘Failed’ message when they were submitting their applications. Applicants indicated that even when they try to submit the application several times, the error still remains as ‘failed.

So far neither Sassa nor Social Development Department have issued a statement on this error that is causing the frustrations on applicants.

Parents ID

A countless number of people also complained that there is a part of the form where they are required to enter ‘parents ID’. Some said they do not have their parents IDs as they are deceased. This has caused more frustration on the applicants as they asked what to put on that space if they don’t know or do not have their parents ID. Sassa or Social Development has not yet clarified this.

Other Application Channels

Applicants also complained about other application channels such as WhatsApp not working. But in this regard, Social Development indicated that they will issue further communications when other application channels are introduced. At the moment, the open channel for application is the SRD website.

What to do when encountering these challenges?

At the moment, there is no directive from Sassa or Social Development. All that you can do is to ask them via their social media pages or wait for the communication from them to clarify the issues.

How to Apply or Reapply for SRD R350 Grant?

At the moment, there is only one application channel which is the SRD website. To apply go to and follow the instructions.

When you are there you can log your application or confirm the existing application and submit to Sassa.

Question time

Do you have any questions that you need assistance for? Comment below and we will try and get answers for your questions.

Some of the Solutions may be available on the articles below.SASSA

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