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Increase SRD from R350 to R624: Civil Society Demands. The current cycle of COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant regulations has left more people out as the qualifying criteria has changed. One such rule is that to qualify for the SRD Grant, one must not be receiving any income more than R350 per month. Previously it has been R595 when the grant was first established.

Civil Society Movement Approach

The civil society movements are against the restriction as it lefts more people not qualifying for the grant. Black Sash is one of the organisations against this restriction. Other than the COVID-19 grant increase demand, they are also pushing for the Basic Income Grant to be established and increases for all the grants.

Black Sash Demands

The following are demands listed on Black Sash website:

From R350 to R624

  • Immediately increase the reinstated Covid-19 SRD grant to at least the Food Poverty Line, currently R624 until social assistance for the unemployed is made permanent

Permanent Income Support

  • Implement permanent income support for those aged 18 to 59 years with little to no income, valued at the upper-bound poverty line, currently R1 335 per month. Unemployed Caregivers, who receive the Child Support Grant, must also qualify;

Other Grant Increases

  • Make the Covid-19 increases of R250 per month permanent for all grants

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

  • Ensures that refugees, permanent residents, asylum seekers and migrant workers with special permits also qualify and receive their grant; and

Basic Income Grant

  • Work towards a universal basic income for all!

Mean while, The Social Development Minister has made that people earning up to R634 per month should qualify for R350 SRD Grant. The current regulations for the SRD Grant has left out a lot of people not qualifying to get the grant as the threshold to qualify for the grant has been reduced to R350.

Question time

What do you think about the increase demands by the civil society movement? Comment below and we will try to find answers for you queries.

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