Truworth Learnership Applications

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Here’s what you need to know about applying for a Truworths Learnership:


  • Matric certificate (Grade 12).
  • Passion for fashion and retail (according to some sources).

Application Process:

There seems to be a slight change in Truworths’ learnership application process. While some information online refers to downloadable application forms, Truworths itself doesn’t currently advertise learnerships on their careers page. Here are two possibilities:

  1. Truworths might advertise learnerships on external job boards. Try searching for “Truworths Learnership” ,where you might find current listings with application details. These listings might mention downloadable forms or provide an online application link.
  2. Truworths might accept applications directly through email. In the absence of advertised listings, you could try contacting Truworths HR department to inquire about learnerships and their application process. Here’s their contact information:
    • Email: [email address removed] (you can find this email address on Truworth’s careers page
    • Address (in case they still accept physical applications): Truworths to Tifny Lategan to HRD, 6th Floor at Truworths Head Office, PO Box 600, Cape Town, 8000 (This information was found on external sources, so confirm with Truworths HR if you plan to use it.)


  • Regardless of the application method, make sure to have an updated CV ready that highlights your skills and experience relevant to retail or fashion (if applicable).
  • Be prepared to answer why you’re interested in a Truworths learnership and what you hope to learn or achieve through the program.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of landing an application for a Truworths learnership (if they are currently offered). Remember, it’s always best to confirm details directly with Truworths HR.

Here’s what we found based on web searches:

  • The stipend amount might be around R2000 per month based on a downloadable application form (source might not be up-to-date).

Here’s what you can do to try and find out the stipend amount:

  • Contact Truworths HR: As mentioned previously, contacting Truworths HR directly is your best bet for getting the most up-to-date information on the stipend amount for their learnership program (if they’re currently offered). You can find their contact details in the previous response.
  • Search for recent news articles or social media posts mentioning Truworths Learnerships. These might mention the stipend amount, but be sure the information is recent.

Since Truworths isn’t advertising learnerships on their main careers page currently, it’s possible they might not be offering the program at this time. However, contacting HR is the best way to confirm.

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