Sassa SRD Grant Questions and Answers

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There are several questions you may be asking yourself about the Sassa SRD Grant but do not have certain answers. We looked at some of the most asked questions and provide answers.

Here are some commonly asked SRD and Sassa grants questions and factual answers

Is SRD Grant Still Available?

Yes, the SRG Grant is still available. You can still apply for the grant if not yet applied. Also if you have applied and your application was declined, you can also make an appeal.

When will SRD end?

The SRD Grant has been extended from 31 March 2022 to 31 March 2023. That means that the grant SRD grant will end at the end of March 2023.

Is SRD Grant increased to R500?

No, the SRD grant has not been increased to R500. The president extended the period on which the SRD grant will be disbursed not the amount of the money to be paid. The SRD Grant still remains R350.

Does Sassa have R700 grant?

No, Sassa has clarified that they do not have what is referred as the There were messages on social media about this grant which Sassa has distanced themselves from those messages.

Do I have to reapply for SRD R350?

After the extension of the grant to the end of March 2023, people have been asking if they have to reapply for the grant or not. Sassa indicated that for those who have been approved for the period prior the extension announcement. 

How do I track SRD application status?

You may check/track your SRD status online on the site. Learn more here.

Can I Change my Cell phone Number on SRD System?

Yes you can but you have to do it via the contact centre.

How to submit banking details to Sassa?

Those who want to change their method of payment for the R350 grant can do so by contacting Sassa. Full steps on can be found .

How to Reinstate R350 Grant?

If one cancels their R350 grant, they may reinstate them on the SRD website.

Question time

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