Sassa SRD Status and Sassa SRD September Payments Dates Reconfirmed

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Dates for Sassa SRD September Payments Dates Reconfirmed and updated.Check your application status and see if you are still active and keep on checking the sassa application status so that you dont miss the payments dates.

Keep on checking the and updating the srd payments details and the srd status online now on the sassa gov za website.

The updated dates for sassa srd payments for september is now fully confirmed. Check the dates of the following sassa grants and sassa srd grant and pensioners payments .

sassa srd september payments dates
sassa srd september payments dates

Other Grants Payment Dates for 2022

You may find other grants payment dates for 2022 . There are payment dates for Disability Grants, payment dates for Child Support Grant as well. You may also check the Sassa social grant payment dates for September

How to Contact Sassa

To get in contact with Sassa you may use several options such as call centre, local offices, website, email or social media pages.

On the socials, you must be aware of the non-official Sassa pages and groups.

Here are the links to the official Sassa social media platforms:

Facebook: Sassa News Link:

Twitter: SASSA Link:

Get Next Sassa Payment Dates

will publish Sassa social grants payment dates for each of the upcoming months. Just subscribe to this website by to be sent to your device.

Question time

Any question about Sassa you need assistance for? Comment below for us to publish your questions on this website. more at SASSA NEWS

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