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Various bursaries are being offered in South Africa to preserve its rich culture and heritage. Music is a form of expression and an art that has a special place in every culture. To promote this form of art and to provide support to music aspirants SASMT teacher bursary program is giving assistance in the form of bursary.


The South African Society of Music Teachers is a non-profit organization formed by a group of music teachers in 1918 in Cape Town.  Today, this organization is one of the oldest audio institutes in South Africa that symbolizes music.

Through this organization, efforts are made to maintain the standards of music teaching in South Africa and to promote the development of interest in this profession.

SASMT is an organization that represents music teachers in various places like schools, colleges, universities, private practice, and music centers.

SASMT Teacher Bursary: An Overview

The benefits of this bursary program are extended to existing members for the academic year 2022. The SASMT bursary aims to provide financial assistance to those members who lack resources but are keen to pursue a career in the field of music.

SASMT bursaries are awarded every 2 years, though the amount is not fixed. The bursary amount depends upon the availability of funds with SASMT.

Eligibility Requirements

Those who are interested in receiving the SASMT bursary are required to meet the following eligibility criteria. In case applicants fail to meet the criteria set by SASMT their applications will be rejected.

  • Applicants must be a citizen of South Africa
  • One must be studying in the field of music
  • Students should be in need of financial assistance
  • Students must be registered to study at a tertiary institution in South Africa
  • To avail the bursary, one must be an existing paid-up member for minimum 2 years

How to apply for SASMT Teacher Bursary 2022?

Aspiring students are required to download and fill the . Additionally, students are required to submit the following documents with the application form. If any documents are found missing, the bursary application may be declined.

Documents required

  • A certified ID document not older than 3 months
  • Photograph of the applicant in electronic format (500px in height)
  • Recommendation letter by SASMT member
  • Curriculum Vitae in short
  • Complete academic record on the institution letterhead
  • Proof of registration with the tertiary institution
  • A motivational letter explaining why you deserve the bursary

Applications should be submitted via email to

While sending the email write “SASMT Teacher Bursary Application- Your full name” in the subject line. Shortlisted candidates will receive a communication by the end of November 2021. Selected candidates will be required to present a paper at the biennial SASMT National Conference.

Tips to keep in mind while writing the motivational letter

A convincing motivational letter is the key to receiving a bursary and hence, it should be written aptly. Following are the tips to write a bursary motivational letter:

  • Keep the letter precise
  • Describe your financial needs in a genuine manner
  • Explain the letter in your personal context rather than making it generic
  • Make use of professional and polite language while addressing the authority. Think as if you are personally talking to the professor or employer.
  • Avoid using filler words like really, etc. and instead, use modifiers to make your letter sound professional
  • Explain your goals and future plans in the letter to make it convincing
  • Provide all the details about your current institution, course, and your interests too
  • Assure the authorities that their funding will help you to work towards better and bigger plan.

Closing Date

The last date of application is 15 September 2022

Contact Details

For queries related to the bursary students can contact the following:

The South African Society of Music Teachers (SASMT)
Executive Officer: Elma Britz
Telephone: 082 673 0532

If you are an aspiring music student and want to contribute towards the rich culture of South Africa through great music and talent then the SASMT bursary is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

Please do NOT contact The South African Society of Music Teachers (SASMT) if this bursary has already closed. View our other bursaries open for application here:

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