ICMEESA Bursary Applications

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The Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, South Africa (ICMEESA) is an institution that provides support and statutory recognition for all certified electrical and mechanical engineers in South Africa. ICMEESA’s mission includes sustaining the image, status and interests of these engineers through representation, promotion of member communication, fellowship and professional development as well as active participation at branch level.

The institution has formal representation on Engineering Council of SA (ECSA): Main Council, Registration Committees, Education Advisory Committee, Technicon Accreditation Committee, Steering Committee – Rationalization of Certificates of competency, Commission of Examiners for Engineers Certificates of Competency and the SABS Technical Sub Committee.

ICMEESA Bursaries

The ICMEESA will only be offered to second-year students who are studying in either or (Heavy Current) fields at Technical College, Technicon or University. The educational institution must have accreditation from ECSA.

Bursaries may be awarded every year and may be given as well to the same beneficiary, as long as the said beneficiary maintains good academic performance. Bursary holders who fail their course or discontinued their studies will be required to refund the full amount already allocated. Bursary holders must register as student members with ICMEESA.

Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

  • Second-year students studying Mechanical or Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current)
  • Passed S1 for Technicon students
  • Passed all N3 qualifying subjects for Technical college students
  • Part-time students or distance study students may also be considered if their student status is equivalent to a pass on S1 grade or a pass of all the qualifying subjects on N3 grade
  • Preference selection to be considered in this order
  • Previous bursary holders of ICMEESA will be given preference
  • Children of parents who are members of ICMEESA of 5 years and longer will be given more preference

How to Apply and Application Details

  1. Complete the online application by clicking here.
  2. Prepare digital version of certified copies of the following document in a zipped file:
    • Educational records, qualifications and testimonials
    • Abbreviated CV
    • ID
    • Registration proof/proof of acceptance with an educational institution
    • Recommendation from the member of ICMEESA, if the student is referred by a member
    • A class attendance record or proof, if already studying

Closing Date

30 Sept Annually

Contact Details

Post: P O Box 531, Bruma. 2026
Addess: John Craig Building, 1st Floor, 3 River Road, Morninghill, Bedfordview, 2007
Tel: + 27 11 615 4304
Fax: + 27 086 262 1061
Email: icmeesa@icmeesa.org.za

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