Examination Officer[8x] and Transport Office and Learnerships

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SALARY : R261 372 per annum (Level 07) CENTRE : Elangeni TVET College: Mpumalanga Ref No: HRM 35/2022 Pinetown Ref No: HRM 36/2022 Ntuzuma Ref No: HRM 37/2022 KwaDabeka Ref No: HRM 38/2022 KwaMashu Ref No: HRM 39/2022 Inanda Ref No: HRM 40/2022 Qadi Ref No: HRM 41/2022 Ndwedwe Ref No: HRM 42/2022 

REQUIREMENTS : Grade 12, Recognised Degree/Diploma in Education/ Administration or equivalent qualification, 2-3 years in the examination services / Teaching and Learning environment/ related field. Knowledge of White Paper on PSET, Knowledge of the Public TVET sector and its regulatory and legislative framework. Knowledge and understanding of the Higher Education sector. Knowledge and understanding of COLTECH system, TVETMIS, and ITS. Knowledge of practice notes, national, provincial policy frameworks relevant to Education, Training and Development. Must have a valid driver’s licence. 

DUTIES : Coordinate internal and external examination assessment services. Coordinate and conduct training of Invigilators, Markers and Data Capturers. Facilitate examination and Irregularity Committee for the campus and serve as a Secretariat. Process application and issuing of certificates services. Provide administration support for the examination unit. Supervise staff. 

ENQUIRIES : Mr NE Mkhize Tel No: 031 492 4363 


SALARY : R261 372 per annum (Level 07) CENTRE : Elangeni TVET College, Central Office 

REQUIREMENTS : Appropriate Bachelor’s Degree (NQF 7) in Psychology or BA. Social Work (Major in Psychology) or equivalent qualification.2-3 years in Employee Health and Wellness environment or related field. Knowledge of integrated Employee Health and Wellness strategic framework. Understanding of Wellness Management including psychosocial, physical, financial and organisational wellness. Understanding of HIV/AIDS and TB Management. Understanding Health and Productivity, including PILLIR Understanding Safety Health Environment Risk Quality Management including processes of COIDA. Indepth knowledge in conducting counselling Understanding of special programmes such as Gender and Disability. Knowledge and understanding of research methods. Knowledge of PERSAL. Knowledge and understating of the application of Public Service legislative framework (PSA, PFMA, LRA, PSR etc.). Knowledge and understanding of bargaining process and dispute resolutions. 

DUTIES : Assist with the implementation of health and wellness policy for the college. Assist with conducting Health and wellness surveys. Coordinate Health and Wellness programmer based on the Health Wellness survey. Assist in the Implementation of initiatives arising from the survey. Coordinate all logistical arrangements for workshops on Health and Wellness programmers to create awareness and support. Promote psyco-social wellness of employees in the college Provide counselling. 

Promote physical wellness of employees in the college through sport. Provide interventions to mitigate absenteeism. Provide awareness and education on the Health and Wellness issues. Monitor 53 programmes to manage lifestyle diseases and Health risks. Interact with and monitor service providers. 

ENQUIRIES : Mr NE Mkhize Tel No: 031 492 4363 


SALARY : R261 372 per annum (Level 07) CENTRE : Elangeni TVET College, Central Office 

REQUIREMENTS : Recognized National Diploma in Transport Management / Logistics/ Public Management (NQF level 6) or equivalent qualification. 2-3 years’ experience in fleet management / transport / logistics services or relevant experience. Knowledge of Treasury and PFMA Regulations. 

Knowledge of vehicle maintenance and services procedures. Knowledge of fleet disposal procedure. Knowledge and understating of legislative framework governing the Public Services. Knowledge of traffic law Monitoring and evaluation. Knowledge of Department of Higher Education mandate. Must have a valid driver’s license. 

DUTIES : Ensure that college vehicles are kept in good working condition. Conduct monthly inspections of vehicles at all campuses to identify any non-compliant matters. Ensure that log books are always up to date. Ensure licensing and registration of College vehicles. Ensure that all college vehicles are insured with the insurance brokers. Ensure the fitment of tracking devices to all college vehicles. Ensure that petrol cards are renewed timeously. Ensure proper recording of petrol cards upon issuing. Ensure proper record keeping of petrol slips. 

ENQUIRIES : Mr NE Mkhize Tel No: 031 492 4363 


 SALARY : R261 372 per annum (Level 07) 

CENTRE : Elangeni TVET College, Central Office 

REQUIREMENTS : Recognized National Diploma/Degree in Sports Management/Administration or equivalent qualification. 3-5 Years’ experience in sports management/ coordination environment. Knowledge of sport administration. Knowledge of cultural administration. Knowledge of procedures in terms of working environment. Knowledge of the South African Legislative frame work. Must have a valid driver’s licence. 

DUTIES : Coordinate the establishment and provide support to sport and recreation structures in schools, wards and local areas in conjunction with stakeholders. Facilitate sustainable capacity development programs in sport within schools, wards, local areas and districts. 

Implement sport and recreation programs in the schools, wards and local areas for the development of sport and recreation. Monitor and evaluate the compliance with sport and recreation transformational policies. Render administrative functions in relation to programs that are implemented. 

ENQUIRIES : Mr NE Mkhize Tel No: 031 492 4363 


SALARY : R261 372 per annum (Level 07) CENTRE : Elangeni TVET College, Central Office 

REQUIREMENTS : Grade 12, Degree/National Diploma (NQF 6) in Business Administration, Public Management, Marketing, Public Relations or equivalent qualification. 2- 3 years’ relevant experience in employment services /Administration environment/ student placement. Must have a valid driver’s license. 

If you need help with your job application, you can contact us via only WhatsApp: WhatsApp Icon 0799906126

DUTIES : Facilitate the placement of students. Conduct job readiness training programmes. Liaison with commerce, industry and other relevant stakeholders. Maintain the student tracking system. Maintain and update employer and student placement database. Develop quality electronic report and statistics. Monitoring and evaluation of work placement practices. Conduct work based assessment for students.

 ENQUIRIES : Mr NE Mkhize Tel No: 031 492 4363

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