South African Road Federation Bursary Applications

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South African Road Federation Bursaries

The South African Road Federation is inviting all qualified applicants who wish to pursue their further education to apply for a financial assistance in the form of bursary. The bursary is accepting areas of study that is relevant to the road transport industry such as-

  • Road Engineering (Traffic engineering, Transportation planning, Pavement engineering, Bridge engineering, Construction Materials, Storm water, Environment and Construction management),
  • Road Transport Management
  • Road Transport Economics and Road Traffic Management (Traffic policing and Accident investigation).

All applications must be endorsed by the appropriate academic authority at the establishment where the applicant proposes to study.

The value of the bursary will depend on upon the needs of the applicant and the decision of the Council of the Federation. However, it is intended to supplement the student`s other finances and will not be sufficient to cover all expenses. It will be paid directly to the academic institution concerned on the bursar`s behalf.

Applicants must satisfy Council to an extent, which is reasonable that they will be working within the ambiance of the South African road transport industry on completion of their studies.

About South African Road Federation

Founded in 1950, the South African Road Federation (SARF) is an organisation that provides a meeting point for people across South Africa to share their interest in the local road industry and the administration of roads across the country.

The South African Road Federation (SARF) is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of the road industry in South Africa by dissemination of information, the promotion of sound policies and by education and training. With a primary focus on encouraging the continued development of effective and efficient road systems in South Africa, SARF strives for economic growth in the sector through education and training.

The Federation provides contact between South Africa`s road industry sectors and facilitates the distribution of expertise throughout the diverse disciplines, which have impact and application on the industry.

The Federation is a member of the International Road Federation Global. By liaison with this organisation`s Programme Centre in Washington, the latest developments in road technology, policy and management worldwide are made available to local industry.

In this way, sound policies are promoted by SARF in every aspect of road transport infrastructure and management from geometric design to Road Safety Audits.

Bursars will be expected to:

  • Enroll as associate (i.e. individual) members of the SARF (approximate annual subscription : R445)
  • Submit six-monthly reports of your study progress
  • If you are enrolled for postgraduate studies thesis covering the research results, academic content or similar for publication in the Federation’s newsletter or other publication, within a reasonable time after completion of the course of study.
  • Be prepared to make a presentation to your local branch of the Federation of the subject of your study on a mutually convenient occasion.

SARF Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

  • South African citizens are preferred but applicants from SADC countries may also apply
  • Applicants studying full-time or enrolled towards a road transport industry-related degrees at an accredited South African University or the University of Technology.
  • Advance levels such as M.Sc., M. Tech. or above will be given preference, however, undergraduate degrees may also be considered.
  • Employees/members of SARF will be given preference

How to Apply and Application Details

  • Download and complete the . (pdf)
  • Submit certified copies of the following required documents, together with your application form:
    • ID Document
    • Matric Certificate
    • Grade 11 Results
    • Previous Tertiary results

Closing Date

 31 August of each year 

Contact Details

Tel: (011) 394 9025/1459

Please do not send any questions after the closing date. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here:

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