SASSA SRD Grant R350 Applications Will Always Be Open

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Did you know that you can always apply for srd sassa grant anytime ? answer is yes you can.Its now a normal life that if you loose your job you are now qualifying to apply for sassa srd grant and start getting paid with others when the month end.

Note provided that you are not getting any uif money every month. and when you apply your bank account should not be circulating around R565 consistently every month.

And note also that of you are above 60 years you will no longer qualify for srd because you are now a pensioner and you get pension money or pensioners social grant.

If you had been declined for the srd because you were still getting uif money and now you no longer getting it you can go and reapply or appeal you will be reconsided and you will start gettting the srd sassa again.

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