POST 28/08 : DISTRICT DIRECTOR REF NO: 3/2/1/2021/020

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Directorate: District Offices 

SALARY : R1 057 326 per annum (Level 13), (All-inclusive package), the package includes a basic salary (70% of package), and a flexible portion that may be structured in accordance with the rules for Senior Management Services (SMS). 

CENTRE : Limpopo (Capricorn) 

REQUIREMENTS : Successful completion of Pre-entry Certificate for SMS as endorsed by the National School of Government (NSG). A Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced Diploma in Business Administration / Public Management / Public Administration (NQF Level 7) with project management as a major or separate qualification. 5 years of experience at a middle management level within a project management environment. 

Job related knowledge: A thorough understanding of project management. Experience in the implementation and management of projects. Understanding of corporate governance principles. Ability to implement performance management and monitoring systems. Knowledge of government systems. Ability to think conceptually when analysing data and designing concepts to modify corporate policies, procedures and processes.

 Job related skills: Project management skills. Analytical skills. Facilitation and coordination skills. Decision making skills. Financial management skills. Presentation skills. Computer literacy. Communication skills. A valid driver’s licence. Willingness to travel extensively. Ability to work under pressure and long hours. Willingness to work after hours. 

DUTIES : Provide capacity building and National Rural Youth Services Corps (NARYSEC) services. Provide NARYSEC support services. Facilitate the establishment and support of participatory community development institutions. 

Facilitate and coordinate NARYSEC project implementation. Facilitate youth programmes and skills development at Provincial and District level. Reduce household poverty in accordance with the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP). Provide strategic land acquisition services. Implement strategic land acquisition projects including MegaParks and Animal and Veld Management Programme (AVMP). 

Procure service providers for development and project proposals. Coordinate the implementation process of land acquisition and allocation with CRDP Virtuous Cycle. Provide strategic land acquisition support services in the District including District Land Committees. Facilitate poverty reduction, and the development of cooperatives rural enterprises. and industries.

 Promote rural business development and facilitates rural development financing. Facilitates the establishment and support of primary cooperatives. Facilitatates the organisation of primary cooperatives in secondary and tertiary coorporatives and provide support. Facilitates the development of rural enterprises and industries. 

Provide land development support services. Manage the development of business plans for the development of agrarian development projects. Promote the participation of farmers through ownership and control across commodities value chains. Facilitates strategic partnerships between farmers. 

Facilitates capacity building of agricultural graduates and farmers on agrarian development projects. Monitor the implementation of land development support projects and development business plans. Provide property management services. Administer and provide property leases administration support. Administer and provide property holdings and disposals. Implement land rights and tenure reform programmes. 

Provide communal land tenure programmes. Provide land rights programmes. Establish, maintain and support communal property 11 institutions. Facilitate land dispute resolutions. Render corporate and financial support services. Provide legal advice. Provide telecommunication services. Provide administration and financial support services. Provide client relations services. Provide office services. 

ENQUIRIES : Mr M Tshililo Tel No: (015) 230 5027 

APPLICATIONS : Please ensure that you email your application to: before the closing date as no late applications will be considered. 

NOTE : Applications and supporting documents sent to email addresses that are not specified in the advertisement for the post that you are applying for will not be accepted. Failure to do this will result in the application being disqualified.

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